Master Mandarin with Our Exciting Deck Releases in 2023-2024!

Stay tuned, mark your calendars, and get ready to level up your Mandarin!

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We're thrilled to share our Mandarin learning app's roadmap for the coming months, packed with exciting deck releases designed to turbocharge your language journey. 🚀

December 2023**

- Renting/Buying a Flat (25-100): Navigate real estate conversations like a pro. From signing leases to discussing property features, this deck has got you covered.

- Asking for Directions (25-100): Never get lost again! Master essential phrases for asking and giving directions in Mandarin.

- Travel Talk (25-100): Prepare for your next adventure with travel-centric vocabulary. Ideal for globetrotters and wanderlust enthusiasts.

- World Celebrities (25-100): Dive into the glamorous world of celebrities and pop culture, all while expanding your Mandarin vocabulary.

2024 Decks Unveiled


- Business (500): Equip yourself with the language of commerce. From negotiations to presentations, this deck is your business Mandarin toolkit.

- Gym (25-100): Break a language sweat with fitness-related terms. Perfect for those who want to discuss workouts and wellness.

- Slang (250): Speak like a local! Uncover the informal side of Mandarin with this slang-filled deck.

- Tea Ceremony (25 - 100): Immerse yourself in the elegance of traditional tea culture with phrases and terms related to the art of tea.


- Idioms (250): Delve into the richness of Mandarin idioms, adding depth and cultural flair to your expressions.

- Golf (25 - 100): Swing into Mandarin with this golf-themed deck. Perfect for sports enthusiasts hitting the green.

- Life Events (All): Capture the essence of life's major milestones with comprehensive vocabulary for various life events.

- Real Estate (25-100): Expand on December's release, focusing on more intricate real estate conversations.

The Journey Continues...

Check out our planned releases for March to July 2024, covering diverse topics like Music, Lab Terminology, Maths, Famous Tourist Attractions, Finance, Online Shopping, Illnesses, Going to the Cinema, Construction, Photography, Formula 1, Sailing, Horse Riding, Astronomy, Media, and Alcoholic Drinks.

We believe in making Mandarin learning efficient and enjoyable. Each word is meticulously recorded for optimal learning using the SM-18 Spaced Repetition technique, ensuring character memorization is a breeze.

Stay tuned, mark your calendars, and get ready to level up your Mandarin skills with us!

Questions for You:

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3. Any specific topics you'd love to see in future deck releases? Share your ideas with us!

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