Mastering Mandarin: A Guide to Boost Chinese

Ever wondered about the secret sauce behind mastering Mandarin?

Hey Language Learners!

Ever wondered about the secret sauce behind mastering Mandarin? Well, it's time to unravel the mystery with Boost Chinese – your new language learning BFF!

Repetition with a Twist!

Learning is a process of repetition, but not just any repetition – we're talking about the cutting-edge SM-18 Spaced Repetition! 🚀

Your memory peaks when you first learn a word. Recall it a few times, and you'll remember. But here's the magic: frequent reviews with SM-18 make that memory permanent. The forgetting curve? It becomes your ally!

Algorithm Magic

Boost Chinese uses the SM-18 algorithm to serve up the right words each day. Simple reviews, learn a few new words, and let the algorithm guide you. It's like having a personal memory coach!

Box System Brilliance

Imagine a box system – new words, missed words, almost-known words, known words, and mastered words. We sort them into virtual boxes, but beware: forget a word, and you're back to square one. It's the ultimate memory workout!

Associative Learning Awesomeness

We believe in the power of associative learning. Every Boost Chinese phrase comes with two real-life examples, connecting new words to familiar contexts. It's like giving your brain superpowers!

Multi-Sensory Marvels

Videos with native speakers, active writing practice, and engaging games – Boost Chinese engages your senses! Studies show that audio-visual stimuli and active engagement enhance memory retention. Learning has never been so thrilling!

Streaks, Persistence, and Proverbs

Learning is a marathon, not a sprint. Boost Chinese keeps you motivated with streaks. In a year, spending just 5 minutes a day, you can learn over 1000 words. Remember the Chinese proverb: "Water cuts through rock, not because of its strength, but because of its persistence."

Welcome Onboard!

So, are you ready for a Mandarin adventure? Welcome aboard Boost Chinese, where learning is as thrilling as your favourite TV episode!

🇨🇳 It's time to improve your Chinese.